Greensound (e-Cig Company) Flavor to Be the Core of Sale ECIG business is experiencing massive change; electronic greensound (e cig company) taste is the core of the change. Add it makes flavor toe greensound (e cig company) sales continue to grow, and so the flavors are more and more. To add flavor to greensound (e cig company) sparked plenty of controversies, lots of men and women stress that smoked flavor will bring children to join the ranks, consequently becoming nicotine junkies.

Greensound (e cig company) company in 2009 to add a number of characters artificially. The greensound (e-Cig Company) industry on the occasion, many producers add various flavors of e greensound (e cig company). This practice recognized as legal. It projected that the electronic cigarette marketplace is in a rapid increase in the rate still all about 7,000 sorts of tastes, and these tastes month 250 kinds of species, much higher. Than any of the conventional tobacco smoke business had launched taste. Vibrant rainbow scent becomes the primary driving force to promote the growth of electronic cigarette sales, so they are unimaginative traditional smokes Zoran erect.

In accordance with the most recent news, Tuesday declared; Blu greensound (e cig company) will probably sell to the British Imperial Tobacco Company (Imperial). Reynolds and Lorillard Company will develop the greensound (e-Cig Company) brand of the Reynolds company Vase. In June this year, 15,000 stores have been opened by Vase throughout the USA. Vous brand e cigarette flavors currently still relatively straightforward, including menthol cigarettes taste and flavor of the two. However, the marketplace is undergoing rapid change; the most critical is the greensound (e cig company) (NJOY) tobacco company. Depends on add flavor e greensound (e cig company) restore its shrinking market share? The investors of enjoy include EUR Sean Parker, former president of social networking and Facebook pop vocalist Bruno Mars. Enjoy the business's products declined precipitously, falling just in the last year, in recent years.

Survey results show that numerous smokers began to abandon conventional cigarettes, greensound (e cig company) smoked turn with various flavor. Weiss, president, said: "A lot of greensound (e cig company) ECIG firm launched.However, we'll make an effort to avoid doing. Thus, the kid will not start electronic cigarette flavor like sweet collection because to do so. Government supervisors will undoubtedly be more concerned hopping. "